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At Ideco WA everything matters and anything is possible. We make it easy and affordable to design custom window treatments. Whether you have windows with odd shapes and curves that you never thought could have snug fitting plantation shutters or just want to upgrade your tired old blinds and curtains, we have you covered. Literally.


We build quality into every one of our products to ensure long-term performance and value. The result is a trouble-free product ownership experience. 


Our Most affordable blinds. We work with you to achieve the best style for your house, whether it’s a contemporary or classic style. We provide quality blinds which allow the natural light in and provide privacy.


Curtains add richness and drama, making windows a stronger focal point in a room. They’re an ideal way to dress up large or formal windows, and are often used for living rooms, casement windows and sliding glass doors.

Norman Plantation Shutters

Sit back and take in all the possibilities. Every element of a Norman Shutter is custom crafted for timeless quality and perfection. No other shutter maker is as innovative or as diverse and dynamic in choices. From frame to hardware, louver to finish – each Norman Shutter is made to suit your vision perfectly. Woodlore and Woodlore Plus (the world’s bestselling shutters) are made from sustainable wood, grown and processed in Australia, proudly supporting Australian forestry and manufacturing industries.

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